The byter end

So it’s nearly the end of our development cycle for bytesized we are a mix of sad and happy that we are nearly there! 

This week we recorded the Irish and English language versions of the game along with creating a handy quiz to show how much you’ve learnt after playing. 

We have cool collectable coins to grab onto too! I byter go but enjoy this picture of some of the stickers we made for the game 

All Bark And a Bit Of Byte

Heya ByteSizers,

So it’s been such a fun week! We went to Eirtakon and probably had our most successful playtest so far! You guys were great and had really helpful feedback.

So we’ve spent the week making them changes trying a few of them out at Dubludo as well and we still have a few more left on the list.

We went live on Kongregate and Newgrounds as well and had about 10 minutes of fame being on the front page.

We’ve also been going through older versions of ByteSized and seeing how much it’s changed thanks to your feedback!

So clock’s ticking and we have a few more things to tick off before we finish up with ByteSized(MORE PARTICLE EFFECTS AND MORE PUZZLESS) and I’m sure we’ll be back out testing at something or the other again soon.

Till next time,

Sarah =]

ByteSizing up the competition

Eirakthon is in just a few days!! We can’t wait to see what it has in store for us!!
Analytics is finally working for us so we can see how players are playing our game and improve it based on how you get stuck
All the sizes have been fixed on bytesized so the next time you look at the screen all the menu buttons will be in the right places!
We now have a character select! Can’t wait to see who you guys choose!
And Sarah has all the puzzles and level mapped out for level 2 we are just jazzing it up now at this point so soon you guys will be able to play two levels of bytesized!

Till next time!


Byter late than never

Hey ByteSizers,

It’s been a while sorry about that but we’ve been really focused on on developing the game and a site around the game, as well as  sprints and school testing. It’s been a busy few weeks and only getting busier.

We have the game working online(well with a few bugs here and there), we have MORE WIRES!! cause dam do we love them wires. We’ve dropped the amount of buttons you have to use in the game down to a main interact button and a grab button.

We added in some more co-opy(yes that is most definitely a word now) aspects to the game too like pressure plates to break walls and buttons that need to be held down together just to really force yous to work together!

We did a bit bug fixing, a bit of audio work a bit of everything really and still a bit of everything to do this week.

So if you feel like beta testing our first level and letting us know how you found it you can find it at

Till next time!

Sarah =]

byteSIZING up the puzzles

We had a really tiring but interesting week here with Bytesized!

First of all we finally decided to tackle getting the tutorials working for players not using gamepads. This meant a lot of changing in our designs for our tutorials but we are delighted with the results!

Now Bytesized has little drones to help guide you along. Another major change we’ve made to the game is walls to stop the player when they complete a puzzle this comes up with a message congratulating you for a job well done!

Our major processor and ram puzzles are now all finished! And we are hoping to have level 1-1 online in the next two weeks Major MileStone!! pretty scary!!

On other news we are working on creating a website to go along with bytesized and the domain address is now ours!! so we hope to see you all online soon!



All the ByteSized pieces

Heya ByteSizers,

So the last few weeks have been spent fixing small little bits and going over details, on top of finishing up some of the bigger puzzles in the game. We also went back and looked over level ones design and spacing it out a bit more to make it simpler for you guys. We also finished up the final puzzle of level 1 along with some new animals for you guys to find.

Our next step is to get an online version so we can keep testing regularly with yous. So we’re spending this week learning about unity analytics and a few other things.

Till next time guys

Sarah =]

Snap 2016-09-22 at 20.03.50.png

Keeps getting byter


It’s been waay too long since last update so much as happened, we went to the Irish Game Based Learning Conference, we did our September Sprint. We’re nearly there with functionality now, I’ve been working on the bigger puzzles at the end that focus on the parts of the pc(it’s all about dem sketches…and sharpies) and finishing up the function block and ironing out some bugs in the loop block!

Naoise’s been focusing on level design and art design, making sure we don’t bore you with the same puzzles.

IGBL was great it showed us games that were educational that had never been thought of as educational like Endless Ocean and Nintendogs! We got to see how educational games are perceived from a teacher’s point of view(that wasn’t Naoise) rather than a game dev.

Our next big challenge is assessing how exactly you guys are learning off our game if you’re learning at all!

Byes for now

Sarah =]

Bugs and Bytes

Hey Bytesizers!
We are building up to our game demo in Trinity at the IGBL!! In order to get ready we went through all the feedback we got from ComicCon and boy there was a lot! We are nearly on track with Sarah finishing the really tough task of building us a loop block and a function that lets us test out how to make a loop with bricks!

Naoise spent a lot of time changing some of our visuals adding our first audio and finally designing enemies!

Yep that’s right Bytesized has its first bugs! You have to be careful to avoid getting pixelised!

Until next time guys! 😀 bytesizedbytesized2bytesized3

Comic Con!!

ByteSized has just finished its travels testing in Comic Con.

There were so many cool games and our game was tested by over 200 hundred people!

Thanks to everyone who tried out our game and all the suggestions that were made!

Special thanks to Pulse College and to Comic Con for hosting the event.

We have loads of suggestions to work on and will be back soon with tons more testing 🙂

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Thanks everyone for making it out to makers! 😛

We had so much fun and so much suggestions for the game!

We are super excited and motivated after seeing what everyone liked about us!

If you wanna have a look at the progress come look at our Facebook album 😀

We are already working hard to get ready for ComicCon next week!

There’s tons of exciting guests we hope get to try our game like John Romero and the Co-creators of the Turtles Kevin Eastman.

We can’t wait he’s a little gif to get you all excited 😀